All magic comes with a price

Privacy has been an issue lately. But if you want to have privacy, it’s not that easy. One can set a “do not track” setting in your browser but as it turns out, it’s worthless. Yahoo announced that it will not respect the users whishes because they think a personalized web is the best.

Today I read the following tweet by Shelia Cotton:

The linked article describes a study by Janet  Vertesi,  an Assistant Professor as a sociologist of science and technology at Princeton University. She tried to hide her pregnancy for the whole 9 month from companies. Many people say, if you want your privacy, just op out. The experience of this study shows, it is possible but it comes with a price. And you might even end up as a suspected criminal because one can think you have something to hide. In fact you have even it is not related to any criminal intend.
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