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„Undenkbar wären heute Intellektuelle wie Michel Foucault oder Jürgen Habermas, die Theorien aufstellen oder große Erzählungen verfechten.“

Dominik Wurnig zum Thema Soziologie und Big Data

Soziologe Wolfgang Bonß rät zur Gelassenheit statt Angst vor Terroranschlägen

Soziologie des Schenkens in der Presse (Märkische Allgemeine)

Call for Papers zum Thema  „Das Volk gegen die (liberale) Demokratie. Die Krise der Repräsentation und neue populistische Herausforderungen“ der Berliner Zeitschrift für Soziologie




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All magic comes with a price

Privacy has been an issue lately. But if you want to have privacy, it’s not that easy. One can set a “do not track” setting in your browser but as it turns out, it’s worthless. Yahoo announced that it will not respect the users whishes because they think a personalized web is the best.

Today I read the following tweet by Shelia Cotton:

The linked article describes a study by Janet  Vertesi,  an Assistant Professor as a sociologist of science and technology at Princeton University. She tried to hide her pregnancy for the whole 9 month from companies. Many people say, if you want your privacy, just op out. The experience of this study shows, it is possible but it comes with a price. And you might even end up as a suspected criminal because one can think you have something to hide. In fact you have even it is not related to any criminal intend.
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